Mon, Dec 9, 2019

For the sake of keeping you, the baseball enthusiast, informed of the latest free agent moves, we present our 2019-20 MLB Free Agent Tracker. Here we’ll keep tabs on the top 50 free agents, as determined by our panel of MLB experts: R.J. Anderson, Katherine Acquavella, Mike Axisa, Dayn Perry and Matt Snyder. 

How rankings were determined: By a combination of expected average annual value and perceived likely impact — a fancy way of saying risk was also factored in, meaning some older and/or injury-prone players might rank lower than anticipated. In other words, it’s subjective. The exact order matters less than the general tiers offered within.

Anyway, below you’ll find our tracker, complete with the player, their rank, their last team, and their new team. We’ll keep this updated throughout the offseason, so make sure to bookmark it for easy access.

2018-19 MLB Free Agent Tracker
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