Thu, Dec 12, 2019

After a disastrous summer, in which they were spurned by Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and every other star free agent, before spending their cap space on a number of middling players who did not fit together at all, the New York Knicks have gotten off to a terrible start this season. 

They’re 4-10, and it took less than a month for top executives Steve Mills and Scott Perry to hold an emergency press conference. Since then, there have been plenty of rumors about everyone’s job security, including Mills, Perry and Knicks coach David Fizdale. Mills and Perry are reportedly under the impression that their jobs are safe as long as they show “progress,” while other reports have indicated that the groundwork is already being laid to get rid of Fizdale. 

Now, we have the latest update on Fizdale’s situation. He spoke to the media at practice on Tuesday, and indicated that he gets a “vote of confidence” from Knicks owner James Dolan after every game. Via SNY:

Fizdale was asked at Knicks practice on Tuesday how regularly he speaks to Dolan.

“Every game, every game. Jim Dolan comes in and gives me a vote of confidence, a pat on my back and really has just been incredibly encouraging over the last year and a half or whatever it’s been,” Fizdale said. “All we talk about is just sticking to the process of making these guys better and building for a future of sustainable winning.”

In addition, Fizdale once again stressed that he’s on the same page as Mills and Perry.

“We talk every day. We spend a lot of time together, the three of us,” he said. “They’re extensions of the coaching staff in a lot of ways cause they spend time with the players. I spend time with their staff. Our group is connected from the that standpoint and our expectations are the same from what we want from this team. That’s why I was unfazed by all of the noise around it because we have an expectation of how hard we want to play, how well we want to execute, how connected we want to be as a team. I think over the last three games we’ve been seeing that.”

This all sounds well and good, and if you just skimmed the quotes and didn’t think much about it, you might almost believe that everything is actually going great. But given the smoke that’s already swirling around this situation, and our knowledge of how things operate at Madison Square Garden — which is to say unlike any other franchise — it’s pretty hard to accept.

From Dolan visiting Fizdale after every game, to the coach’s extensive quotes about everyone getting along just swell, this scans like a situation where everyone is trying a little too hard to convince the media, and perhaps even themselves, that this situation is tenable. 

But hey, if any of us had to work for the Knicks we’d probably be doing the same thing. 

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