Mon, Oct 14, 2019

Free kicks can often be the difference in a soccer match.

However, this is one is from a distance that is extremely rare. In the second overtime of Tuesday’s game between Creighton and Tulsa, Yudai Tashiro scored the game winning goal off a six-yard free kick over a wall of Tulsa defenders to give the Blue Jays a 4-3 win.

Now you’re probably wondering why Creighton was able to take a free kick from six yards out.

Tashiro’s free kick was from that close because Tulsa played a pass back to its goalkeeper, who illegally touched the ball with his hands. When a goalkeeper receives a backward pass from a teammate, he can’t proceed to touch the ball with his hands and must play it with his feet.

Following the illegal play, Tashiro blasted a shot into the top of the net after teammate Kuba Polat tapped it to him oof the free kick in the 106th minute. Tulsa had tied the game at 3-3 in the 86th minute when Harris Partain found the back of the net.

This was certainly one of the most obscure goals that has been seen considering how close the free kick was. Even with a wall of defenders, Tulsa wasn’t able to stop Creighton from winning this game.

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