Fri, Jan 24, 2020

Over the years, Roger Federer has been the symbol of composure, but the Swiss star let his emotions get the best of him on on Friday. In a quarterfinal match against Alexander Zverev at the Shanghai Masters, Federer hit a return volley into the net and was clearly frustrated.

Just seconds later, Federer grabbed the ball and launched it into the crowd by hitting it with his racket. The umpire ended up deducting a point from Federer for unsportsmanlike conduct and Federer argued with the umpire over the ruling. He argued with the umpire saying that the ball that he hit still could’ve been retrieved.

Zverev won the quarterfinal matchup, 6-3, 6-7(7), 6-3, and this short outburst took place in the deciding set of the match.

At the time, Federer was trailing 3-0 in the set and the deducted point gave Zverev a 40-15 advantage in that particular game. Federer only won the second set, as he took that 7-6 in a tight affair.

It’s very rare that Federer loses his cool with an umpire and he’s been a symbol of calm and class during his career. Perhaps his frustrations got the best of him, which would explain why he launched the ball into the stands in the first place.

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