Mon, Jan 27, 2020

Rob Gronkowski and Venus Williams are quite good at what they do for a day job (or did, in Gronk’s case) — one could even argue they’re among the best to ever do it in their respective profession. But the mark of a truly legendary athlete is versatility, and Venus and Gronk tried their hand at something different on Tuesday night in Los Angeles. As it turns out, they were pretty good at that, too. 

In a rather random turn of events, Gronkowski, Williams and Late Late Show host James Corden took to center court to perform with the Laker Girls during halftime of Tuesday’s Lakers-Thunder game. The former Patriots tight end and the tennis great hit the floor in full Lakers gear and it became quite clear that they’d spent some significant time prepping for their moment in the spotlight. They were fully prepared to crush it — especially Gronk.

The dance routine was to help promote CBS’ “GAME ON!” which is a new sports comedy game show series.

When Gronkowski called it quits from football, there were plenty of guesses as to what he’d do next. With his infectious and entertaining personality, there were plenty of options on the table — from sports analyst, to Hollywood actor, to the WWE superstar, or just an eventual return to football. But few people saw NBA halftime dancer on that list of future endeavors. Still, the ability is undeniable. 

It was quite the busy day for the retired tight end on Tuesday, as earlier in the day he announced that he’d be hosting the “championship of partying” with Gronk Beach — a music festival at Super Bowl week in 2020. 

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