Mon, Dec 9, 2019

One of golf’s greats was in the stands watching one of tennis’ greats at the US Open on Monday night. Tiger Woods was in the crowd at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, New York to watch Rafael Nadal take on Marin Cilic and was very enthusiastic about the match. Tiger was joined by his children and girlfriend at the event. 

Woods was up out of his seat to cheer for Nadal during the match and the golf superstar even took his signature fist bump from the grass to the stands. When the tennis star missed a point, Woods was visibly frustrated and was just like every fan when their favorite athlete stumbles.

Woods has also appeared to not only have taught his son to love the game of tennis, but seems to have given him celebration tips with the iconic Woods fist bump. 

Nadal went on to beat Cilic 6-3, 3-6, 6-1, 6-2. He noticed Woods in the crowd and said after his win that it was special to have him there. When asked what advice the two give each other, Nadal, laughing, said he does not think Woods needs any advice from him. 

“Honestly, it’s much better if Tiger doesn’t see my swing,” he said, adding that Woods could probably teach him a thing or two. “Maybe he can lose a little bit of rhythm after that… I always say that I’ve never had big idols, but if I have to say one idol it’s him.”

He then told the crowd, “For me it’s a huge honor, playing in front of all of you of course,” but went on to say it feels extra special to have Woods watching and supporting him. 

With the win Nadal will go on to face No. 20 seed Diego Schwartzman of Argentina in the quarterfinals.

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