Wed, Dec 11, 2019

Mexican goalkeeper Tono Rodriguez had played well over 100 matches in his career entering Saturday night’s Liga MX game between Chivas and Veracruz. His career started in 2011 and has included loans to four different Mexican clubs in that time span. He’s won titles, recorded shutouts and has accomplished plenty for being just 27 years old, including winning an Olympic gold medal, but on Saturday he did something most goalkeepers never do — score a goal. 

With his team up 2-1 and defending a corner kick in which the Veracruz goalkeeper came up to attack, Rodriguez picked up the ball and kicked it from his own box all the way until the other goal with three bounces in what’s one of the wildest goals of the year in any league. He launched it well over the head of the retreating opposing goalkeeper, and a Veracruz defender did his very best to try and save it from going in, but it wasn’t, meant to be. Take a look:

What a way to score your first career goal. In those situations, the goalkeeper would be expected to hold on to the ball and waste time on the ground, take well over the normal six seconds you can hold on to the ball, but instead, he saw a window to produce a career highlight and did just that. That’s a super challenging shot, and just because the goal is empty doesn’t mean it’s easy. To put that on goal accurately is quite tricky, and he did it to perfection, producing a moment he and every person in that stadium will remember for many years to come. 

So many things had to go right for that ball to find the back of the net, and somehow he pulled it off to secure a 3-1 victory.

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