Thu, Dec 12, 2019

Euro 2020 qualifying is over. Well, sort of. The group stage of qualifying finished on Tuesday, and 20 teams have booked their spots in next summer’s tournament, which for the first time will be held across Europe. Wales beat Hungary 2-0 to earn the 20th spot on Tuesday. Aaron Ramsey scored twice for Ryan Giggs’ team, as country makes it back to a tournament where it made the semifinals in 2016. The final four spots will come down to next March’s Euro 2020 playoffs, whose teams are determined by their performance in the UEFA Nations League. 

Here’s what to know:

There’s still a chance for these teams

As it stands, each group of teams below will play a semifinal and final for a spot at the tournament according to UEFA as part of the playoffs, with each path having one berth:

Path A: Iceland, Bulgaria/Israel/Hungary/Romania*
Path B: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland
Path C: Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Bulgaria/Israel/Hungary/Romania*
Path D: Georgia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Belarus  

*A draw will decide whether Bulgaria, Israel, Hungary or Romania would fill the empty slot in Path C, and which three would go into Path A.    

Four teams from there will join the field of 20.

Clinching in November

On Monday, Switzerland and Denmark clinched. Denmark got a 1-1 draw at Ireland, while Switzerland beat Gibraltar 6-0 to win Group D. The day before, Portugal made it as Bruno Fernandes scored the winner in the first half and Cristiano Ronaldo put it away in the second half. Portugal allowed only one shot on goal and converted half of its four chances to make it seven victories out of eight in all competitions. 

Croatia, Germany, Netherlands and Austria all qualified Saturday. Croatia secured its spot with a 3-1 victory against Slovakia, while Germany’s 4-0 rout of Belarus was enough. The Netherlands clinched despite drawing with Northern Ireland, while Austria punched its ticket by beating North Macedonia. 

On Friday, it was Finland and Sweden’s chance. Finland clinched 3-0 against Liechtenstein, while Sweden did the same, 2-0, at Romania. 

And earlier in the week, Turkey drew Iceland 0-0 in Istanbul to book its spot, and that result also clinched France’s ticket to next year’s tournament, with the reigning World Cup champs looked at as one of the heavy favorites. Below are all the teams that qualified for the tournament during the group stage.

Qualified teams

  • England (Group A): 10th appearance
  • Czech Republic (Group A): Seventh appearance
  • Ukraine (Group B): Third appearance
  • Spain (Group F): 11th appearance
  • Sweden (Group F): Seventh appearance
  • Poland (Group G): Fourth appearance 
  • France (Group H): 10th appearance
  • Turkey (Group H): Fifth appearance
  • Belgium (Group I): Sixth appearance
  • Russia (Group I): 12th appearance
  • Italy (Group J): 10th appearance
  • Finland (Group J): Zero appearances
  • Croatia (Group E): Sixth appearance
  • Austria (Group G): Third appearance
  • Netherlands (Group C): 10th appearance
  • Germany (Group C): 13th appearance
  • Switzerland (Group D): Fifth appearance
  • Denmark (Group D): Ninth appearance
  • Portugal (Group B): Eighth appearance
  • Wales (Group E): Second appearance
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