Thu, Dec 12, 2019

As Lionel Messi’s age increases, his toughness appears to do the same. The Argentina superstar scored two goals during the international break as Argentina beat Brazil 1-0 and drew Uruguay 2-2. In both games he got into it with the opponents, including Brazil’s coach, while even reportedly accepting a challenge to a fight. 

Against Brazil on Friday, Messi scored after missing a first-half penalty kick. According to Globo, Brazil coach Tite complained about the penalty kick call to the ref that led to the goal, and video captured Messi making signals to the coach to hush. Take a look:

Brazil defender Thiago Silva called out Messi for his actions towards his coach after the game, according to Globo. Messi’s feisty behavior continued on Monday.

Against Uruguay in what was a physical and intense game between the neighboring countries, Messi had no problem trying to take on Edinson Cavani, a taller defender, after being fouled. Messi and Cavani clashed several times, and got into a shouting match. According to Ole in Argentina, Cavani asked Messi to fight, with Messi replying “whenever you want.”

Here’s a closer look at how they got into it:

That’s some toughness from a much shorter (5-foot-7) Messi, but it isn’t all that surprising. We saw something similar over the summer in the Copa America third-place game when Messi and Gary Medel both were shown red cards for a clash and a fight nearly broke out following intense chest bumps. 

As for any Messi and Cavani fight, they both seem mature enough to not let it get to that point. But both of them have no problem in trying to show their toughness after pass incidents. Maybe we’ll see the next chapter if PSG and Barcelona get matched up at some point in the Champions League knockout stage this spring.

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