Wed, Dec 11, 2019

SEATTLE — Major League’s Soccer 2019 season comes to a close on Sunday as the Seattle Sounders host Toronto FC in MLS Cup, but one of the hot topics remains what will happen with Los Angeles Galaxy star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The 38-year-old forward has been a sensational signing for the club with 53 goals in two seasons, but his contract is about to expire, leaving him to sign with another club or re-sign with the Galaxy. There’s nothing surprising there, because that’s been the plan all along — going year to year. But time is running out, and a decision will have to be made in the coming weeks as to what’s next for the Swedish star with European clubs interested. 

According to sources closes to the situation, the Los Angeles Galaxy want him to re-sign but the general feeling is that he wants to leave and go back to Europe. CBS Sports can confirm the continued interest from various European clubs, and the club I keeping hearing that is pursuing him very aggressively is Bologna of Italy.

Napoli is another Italian club that I continue to hear having interest, and the club’s president has expressed his interest in the past. But as time goes on, don’t be surprised to hear them more linked with the player due to their current situation. Napoli hasn’t been as strong to start its Serie A season and has at times looked a bit off in the Champions League. There’s also been some inner turmoil as the players and the president clash.

The club usually goes with a small attack in Dries Mertens and Lorenzo Insigne, rarely using a true No. 9 striker. Ibra is still a player that can give you 15-20 goals in a European season, and I’d expect them to increase their pursuit of Ibra if things continue as is. 

One angle to keep an eye on is Ibra’s interest in an acting career, something he’s talked about publicly plenty of times. What better place to pursue that than Los Angeles?

There are still so many working parts in this entire situation, but Ibra knows the Galaxy want him back and the club will do what it can to make a deal work. But as is always the case with him, you just never know what he’ll decide.

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