Mon, Oct 14, 2019

On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs found themselves 2:26 away from suffering their first loss of the season. But while trailing the Detroit Lions in the fourth quarter, quarterback and defending NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes hyped up his offense up to get them ready for the game-winning drive. It worked.

“We do not have to do anything else other than being ourselves. I truly believe that. If we just be ourselves and trust in each other, we will go down there, we can put points up, we can do what we do,” Mahomes said. “Don’t try to go out there and do everything for yourself. Believe in your teammate. Believe in each other. And when we get these opportunities, we’ll go down and find a way to win the game. Let’s do it right here. Let’s go.”

It is only his second season as the starting quarterback for the Chiefs, but Mahomes’ leadership skills have proven far beyond his years, and that was apparent in the speech. Despite ESPN’s win probabilities only giving the Chiefs a 0.1% chance of winning at that point in the game, Mahomes and company were able to get it done and secure another win. A 1-yard rush from Darrel Williams into the end zone and a point after from Harrison Butker gave the Chiefs their 34-30 win and instead handed the Lions the first loss of the season.

Mahomes’ work on the field already has people putting him in the early MVP race conversations (again) and he is now also demonstrating his abilities to lead while the clock is not running. Mahomes’ speech is reminiscent of ones from New Orlean Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who is known for giving great pregame messages to his team, so maybe the young star has taken some tips from videos of the Super Bowl champion. 

On Sunday, Kansas City is home against the 2-2 Indianapolis Colts in a primetime showdown. While the Chiefs are favorites to win, Mahomes will most likely be ready with an pump-up speech just in case. 

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