Wed, Dec 11, 2019

The Cincinnati Bengals are so bad this year that it’s starting to look like they might not win a single game, which could end up being bad news for Bengals fan Jeff Lanham, who has vowed to live on the roof of his restaurant until the team finally picks up their first victory of the season. 

Anyone who cheers for the Bengals basically lives in perpetual disappointment, but that disappointment has now turned into total boredom for Lanham, who has been living on the roof of his restaurant since early October. Before the team’s Week 5 game against the Cardinals, Lanham promised to live on his roof if the Bengals lost, and then stay there until they finally won a game. 

The Bengals 26-23 loss to the Cardinals was played on Oct. 6, which means Lanham has now been living in a tent on his restaurant roof for more than a month. 

“It’s so boring, man,” Lanham said of living on the roof, via Local 12 in Cincinnati. “You get bored to death. During the day, you can’t do nothing, you can’t go nowhere, you just sit here.”

The idea to live on his roof came together after he made a bet at the restaurant he owns, which is in Milan, Indiana, a small town that’s roughly 50 miles away from Cincinnati. 

“It’s crazy,” Lanham said. “I’m stuck in it. I can’t get out of it. There’s no way out.”

Of course, the upside for Lanham is that not only is he bringing in some free advertising for his restaurant, but he’s also been able to spend six straight weeks living in a man cave, which is arguably better than living at home (He has a giant TV, plus food and drinks from his restaurant to keep him going). On the other hand, the one downside is that he’s been away from his family for nearly a month and a half. 

“I hate not being around my family, that’s probably the worst part,” Lanham said. “Not being around the family, but I’m going to stick with my word and eventually they have to win.”

Lanham’s wife, Chrissy, would like to see her husband come home, so she’s now hoping for some divine intervention, which, let’s be honest, is probably the only way the Bengals will actually win a game this season. 

“Every Sunday — I’ve always said I’ve never prayed to win a game just because I know there’s far more important things to pray for — but, you know, the last couple weeks, I’m praying, you know, like, ‘Please let us win,’ so Jeff can come down,'” Chrissy Lanham told Local 12.

Surprisingly, Lanham isn’t the first Bengals fan who has promised to live outside until the team wins a game. Back in 1991, radio personality Dennis “Wildman” Walker lived on a billboard for 61 days until the Bengals won their first game after an 0-8 start. 

The moral of the story here seems to be never make bet on the Bengals, especially if that bet involves you living outside for an extended period of time.

Anyway, you can check out Lanham’s living situation below.  

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